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Units – Power Hydraulik P

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The integration, of specialist units with a flange-mounted manifold and an electronic control unit in complete hydraulic systems is one of the core skills of POWER-HYDRAULIK. The rugged design of these units and extensive testing combined to deliver reliable long-term operation. Our modular design principle enables us to meet your individual wishes.

Flow dividers – Power Hydraulik P

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With gear flow dividers from POWER-HYDRAULIK, volumetric flow rates of 2 to 400 liters per minute can be split into 2 through max. 12 flows of equal size, or into proportional flow rates. Their specialist design means that, in 90% of applications, there is no need for additional pressure relief valves. Flow dividers can also be used to transmit pressure across individual hydraulic circuits.

Electronic – Power Hydraulik P

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Complex hydraulic systems consisting of a manifold and valve technology need to have a powerful electronic control unit to derive optimum benefits from the hydraulic functions of machines and vehicles. Our experts have a comprehensive range of expertise in relation to hydraulic and electronic systems. They develop complex control units for hydraulic systems as well as controls specifically tailored to your application, e.g. joysticks and specially programmed control and feedback control programs.

Valve technology – Power Hydraulik P

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This powerful valve technology is an important module in our complete hydraulic systems. For this, we only use valve components sourced from leading manufacturers. This enables you to rely fully on your hydraulic system to function continuously.

Manifolds – Power Hydraulik P

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Machines and vehicles that operate under arduous conditions in a vast range of sectors need to have highly capable and reliable hydraulic manifolds and complete systems. POWER-HYDRAULIK is the leading specialist for high-quality manifolds and complete systems for long-term operation under the harshest of conditions.