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SX Series

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Actualizado: 2024-01-01

The SX series sanitary flow switch has been designed to meet the most critical flow detection applications in the food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and water treatment industries. Quick disconnect tri-clamp caps are standard with special finishes for 3A applications and polished/electropolished for biotechnology and pharmaceutical use.

The thermal dispersion principle of operation features no moving parts exposed to the process and 3016L Stainless Steel is standard for all wetted surfaces. The instrument operates by measuring a temperature differential between a heated and a reference temperature sensor. An extremely low power heating element is attached to a temperature sensor while a second temperature sensor is isolated from the heater to provide compensation for changing process temperature. The electronics measure the differential and can be adjusted to switch at any flow listed in the flow switch set-point range chart.

Extremely low flow rates such as 0.004 GPM in a 1” line can be detected with rangeability up to 300:1. These flow switches can be used in virtually all liquids, slurries, and gasses.

The electronics are available in several different configurations including single or dual switch points. Temperature monitoring is available with either a switch output or a linear 4-020 mA output. Relay outputs are standard and are offered with several different configurations and either 3 or 10 amp contact ratings. Remote mounting of the electronics is also available.

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